How to Make a DIY Decorative Pillow

How do you add a touch of diversity to the interior design of your house without spending too much or dealing with luxury furniture? It's very simple: create hand-made decorative pillows. It will be truly a bright accent in your condo or a summer house. Simply by changing the pillow cases, you can set the tone for the entire space - from gentle and playful to classic and conservative. I would like to offer you a selection of interesting ideas to create unique, hand-made decorative pillows. I hope these small decor additions will brighten up your interior design and add a playful atmosphere to your house. To make this work, you need, needles, thread, scissors, chalk (pen, pencil, marker or soap, to transfer the pattern on the fabric). Make sure to pick the threads to match the color and the thickness of the fabric. In addition, you may need a thread for knitting or crocheting if you decide to make decorating stitches by hand or brushes to decorate your pillow. Stock up on paper for modeling patterns and other sewing items which you would normally use.
A huge number of stunning cushion design ideas can be created with sewing accessories. Rhinestones, sequins, studs, beads, buttons - all these are quite accessible items and look just gorgeous on the pillows!
Hand-painted pillows are a real masterpiece of a home. All you need to create it - paint for painting fabrics and silk and of course an inspiration. Beautiful flowers, butterflies, fairy tales or urban panorama - all this can now show off on your pillows instead of banal floral pillowcase. However, if you don't feel comfortable with your painting skills, that’s not a problem. There is a huge variety of beautiful stencils that allow you to put any figures on the fabric surface. Experiment!