The Roman Shades has become a decorating staple since it is useful and ornamental, especially when made up in one of the many gorgeous Fabrics available today. Neatly stacked folds form at the bottom edge when the shade is raised, and when lowered, the shade lies flat against the window, offering protection from the elements and privacy from the outdoor. Numerous design enhancements can be made to Basic Roman shades to provide decorating punch in a room. For example, add trim, a fabric band, or folds or tucks across the shade so it's interesting to took at when lowered.
When looking for softness for softness at the window, balloon shades with fullness provide beauty and functionality. Roman shades also are easily combined with other window treatment, such as drapery panels or Valances, creating a privacy option with flair.

How Wide Can a Shade Be?

Shades that are extra long and wide can be hard to raise and lower, which creates stress on the cording system over time. Use these guidelines for best results:

- Flat Roman shades can be made comfortable for windows up to 72 in wide.

- Shades are relaxed at the bottom edge and feature one swoop when pulled up look best up to 60 in wide.

- If using black out lining , the shade will be heavier and harder to pull up, so use a stronger cord or chain.

- Hobbled, or waterfall , shades featuring continuous folds are heavier when unfurled and work best on window up to 60 in wide.

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