Choosing fabric is fun. While you don’t need to be a professional decorator to select the right fabric for your windows, you should take the following ideas into consideration. The durability of the fabric is key in making sure the finishing treatment will hold up over time. Cotton is the most commonly used and most versatile natural fiber. Cotton fabrics include sateen, damask , velvet , twill , chintz, sail cloth , and mattelasse. Linen is another all-purpose, natural fiber featuring a distinguished texture that looks great in informal valance, shade and panel styles.
Noted for its lustrous sheen and brilliant array of colors, silk is the most popular choice for luxurious window decorating. Due to the delicate nature of the fiber, silk must always be lined and interlined to prevent sun and moisture damage. A less-expensive , more-durable substitute for silk is polyester. A faux-silk polyester has the look of the real thing with the benefit of synthetic , man-made fiber that are long lasting and will remain colorfast, even with extended sun exposure. Other suitable acrylic choices include tapestries that are often polycotton blends, brocade, chenille, and moire.